About Kevin Mahoney

Kevin Mahoney started his sales career working in the paintball industry at the young age of 14, due to his love for the game.  Kevin has always had a strong work ethic, so if it was a hobby of his, he most likely worked in the industry.  He really ran with this logic when it comes to paintball.  He starting working at the paintball field called The Badlandz in 1995 but plunged into the full-time sales career at the age of 17.

Shocktech USA
Lansing, IL
1998-2005 Sales Manager

Shocktech USA is a manufacturing business that makes high-end custom paintball guns and paintball gun accessories. Kevin started working for the company at its inception.  He was responsible for all company sales and grew them from $0 – $2,600,000.00 before eventually being hired by a larger industry company (PMI).

Pursuit Marketing Inc.
Des Plaines, IL
2005 – 2008
West Coast Account Manager

In 2005 Kevin got a taste of what it is like working for a larger company that is has a bigger reach on the global scale. He inherited a book of business of approx. $1,500,000.00 and grew it to approx. $4,000,000.00 during this time period.

SEO Consultant Kevin Mahoney Paintball Sales

Kee Action Sports
Des Plaines, IL/Bentonville, AR
2008 – 2013
Rest of World Sales Manager

In 2008 Kevin went through a life-altering situation when PMI, the company he worked for, was purchased by an investment firm AJ Holdings, who also purchased our largest competitor (National Paintball Supply), and merged our companies together making the largest company in our industry.

The merger was tough. It created one position for two people in many cases making it a very competitive environment just to hang on to your job.

As the new business and leadership were being created, Kevin was offered a promotion to be the rest of world (ROW) international sales manager, a division both companies could use improvement in.  The timing for Kevin was perfect, not only had he just split with his girlfriend who he lived with, but he also wanted to be on his best behavior to ensure he kept his job.

Taking this job was not only a step up, but required an abundance of international travel to create new international partnerships and distributors for the company around the world.  He was absolutely up for the task and relished the opportunity.

Kevin took over the division with an approximate book of business of $2,000,000.00 and grew it to over $8,000,000.00 before choosing to leave the company in 2013.

Kevin relocated to Bentonville Arkansas from his home in Chicago, Illinois in 2010 due to the merger and was not comfortable with the new leadership and direction of the company, so after a little over 2 1/2 years in Bentonville, Kevin made the incredibly tough decision to leave his relationships with his clients and the company.

Kevin’s Digital Marketing Journey Begins

2013-2014 – Kevin lived exclusively off his personal savings and self-taught himself with online courses in areas such as search engine optimization (SEO), WordPress, Online Automation with funnels and autoresponders, website hosting, retargeting, email marketing, and product costing.

2014 – He started taking on clients as an SEO Consultant

2014 – SMS-NA Consulting – Chicagoland – Took a 5-day consulting course and passed and became a SAM (Senior Account Manager) traveling around the Chicagoland area-visiting clients.

Quantum 9, Inc.
Chicago, IL
2014 – 2018
Director of Operations

Quantum 9, Inc. is a Cannabis Consulting Firm was a client he was providing consulting work for and who decided to hire Kevin full time due to his performance.

With this, Kevin left his position with SMS-NA and stayed on full time with Quantum 9 and also stopped servicing the rest of his SEO consulting clients due to the scope of work and opportunity at Quantum 9.

Started at Quantum 9 in 2014

  • Reorganized marketing strategy to improve company profits
  • The 2014-2015 company was in severe debt, almost was insolvent.
  • New marketing strategy resulted in paying off all debts and reinvesting into a new business in Michigan

Quantum 9 opens Greenwave Dispensary in Michigan:

2016 January – Greenwave Dispensary – Chief Marketing Officer – Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Michigan opened and has hired me on as the Chief Marketing Officer.

2017 – Quantum 9 wins client a dispensary license in Maryland, which converts into a brand licensing deal of Greenwave.

  • Kevin Mahoney built out and marketed both Greenwave websites and established local rankings in their competitive markets

Marketing by Kevin, LLC
Homewood, IL/USA
2018 – Present
Founder/SEO Consultant

  • Started marketing agency

Marketing by Kevin’s purpose is to assist entrepreneurs and businesses with identifying their core customer, highlighting critical information core customers are seeking, and expediting delivery of key information organically thereby improving customer experiences with the company.

  • Aid businesses in telling their stories directly to their target customers to increase sales and revenues.
  • Strategize ways to optimize marketing campaigns to enrich online presence and drive revenue.
  • Formulate effective and robust keyword portfolios to increase website traffic.
  • Source new opportunities and alternative keywords to increase marketing effectiveness.
  • Cultivate strategies to maintain the client’s social media presence.

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