The Best Online Legal Services: Rocket Lawyer vs LegalZoom & More!

96 percent of lawyers research online in one form or another to help them prepare for cases. But technology’s effects on the legal industry aren’t limited to resources for lawyers.

Regular people can benefit from the growth of legal help available online. But with so many different options available, the best online legal services can be hard to find.

What you need is a guide that sorts through your options and provides simple, clear advice on where to find the resources you need. And wouldn’t you know it, that’s exactly what we’ve got here!

Keep reading for a rundown of the big two online legal service providers, Rocket Lawyer and LegalZoom, plus other alternatives to these two giants.

Best Online Legal Services Showdown: Rocket Lawyer vs LegalZoom

For most people, the words “online legal services” conjure one of two brand names: Rocket Lawyer or LegalZoom.

While the industry extends beyond these two big players, they are still the ones pacing the competition in size and scope. But they do slightly different things and have different business models. Thus, it can be helpful to examine exactly what they each do and how they differ.

What follows is our head-to-head examination of Rocket Lawyer and LegalZoom.

Before we provide a direct comparison, let’s give some context for what each company does in its own right.

Who They Are

Both of these companies differ slightly in their services. Some of their bigger differences come in their histories.

Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer started in 2008. Founder and CEO Charley Moore started the company because he saw a hole in the market when it came to providing customers with an easy and affordable way to manage their legal needs.

The company works with individuals and businesses on everything from family law to intellectual property law. Its corporate partners include Google, LexisNexis, and TransUnion.


LegalZoom’s history extends further back than Rocket Lawyer’s. The company was born in 1999. Its founders saw the Internet as the perfect medium for spreading the access and availability of high-quality legal resources.

The company’s first areas of focus included business formation, estate planning, and the protection of intellectual property. Now, they have a network of independent attorneys available to offer legal advice to individuals and businesses alike.

What They Do

Both LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer are better suited to certain types of legal services more than others.

Specifically, they are well suited to business law matters. That’s because the type of help they provide comes primarily in one of three areas: ongoing legal advice, business formation services, and providing legal documents.

That said, both companies differ slightly in their approaches, which makes each one appropriate for slightly different uses in the legal arena.

Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer shines when it comes to the business formation services they provide. They are friendlier to this function than LegalZoom because they are set up to provide unlimited Q&As with customers who need consultations with an attorney.

Also, they are also less expensive when it comes to business formation services.


LegalZoom’s strength lies in a fairly straightforward function. They provide documents that are clear and at a fair price.

Thus, if a customer is willing and able to work more independently, they are better served using LegalZoom. This applies even if the customer is performing some of the same legal functions offered by Rocket Lawyer.

Side-By-Side Comparisons

As you can see, both platforms have their strengths, but Rocket Lawyer and LegalZoom are each slightly tailored to helping clients in different areas.

Now it’s time for direct comparisons. We’ll break down exactly how these two companies compare along three axes.


Prices for services vary wildly depending on the service, but here are a few ways to tell Rocket Lawyer and LegalZoom apart.

Business formation is a common legal service sought online. For this service, Rocket Lawyer charges $99 plus state filing fees. LegalZoom charges $149 plus state filing fees.

In the area of legal forms, Rocket Lawyer charges anywhere from $5 to $100 depending on the form. They offer unlimited access forms with a subscription to their service. LegalZoom charges $14.95 for most forms, but you can get access to their library of forms for $7.99 per month.

When it comes to long-term legal assistance, Rocket Lawyer charges $400-$500 per year. LegalZoom’s fee is $375 per year.

Winner? Draw. Rocket Lawyer has the competitive edge in pricing for business formation services, but if you’re just looking for access to legal forms, LegalZoom is the best choice.

Customer Support

This is another toss-up.

Some sources claim LegalZoom demonstrates a clear advantage when it comes to customer support, citing quicker response times and more personable follow-ups. They have longer hours when it comes to customer support, which should result in greater coverage, in theory.

On the other hand, there seem to be just as many reports online of people having trouble with LegalZoom and preferring Rocket Lawyer.

Rocket Lawyer’s support is based in the U.S., which usually means a higher quality of customer care. It also has an on-call service that allows customers to talk to an attorney with ease.

Winner? Another draw.


While LegalZoom beat Rocket Lawyer when it comes to the price of forms, the two are closer than you’d think in other aspects of legal forms.

For one, Rocket Lawyer allows customers to e-sign their legal forms. LegalZoom does not.

Both companies allow you to modify and customize forms to fit your needs.

With LegalZoom, you can delete the pieces of a document that don’t fit the function you’re using. Rocket Lawyer provides step-by-step instructions and offers more in the way of assistance as you fill out your forms.

With both companies, you can download your forms in Microsoft Word format. But Rocket Lawyer also keeps the forms stored in your account for up to one year.

Winner? Rocket Lawyer.

This may come as a surprise because of the expense involved with Rocket Lawyer’s forms compared to LegalZoom’s. However, when it comes to customization and ease, Rocket Lawyer has the edge.

We still recommend you go with LegalZoom if your only priority is the price. But if you’re looking at the quality of assistance filling out the forms, it’s Rocket Lawyer all the way.

10 Alternatives to the Big Two

Two companies dominating a field doesn’t qualify as a monopoly, but it’s always nice to have options.

The online legal industry is growing every year. As a result, there are plenty of alternatives to Rocket Lawyer and LegalZoom that you may find even more useful depending on your needs.

We’ve highlighted some prices for key services and stand-out features of each company.


MyLawyer is a UK legal company that is affiliated with Epoq Legal. They pride themselves on straightforward service with no hidden fees.

Prices: 179.99 GBP to draw up a business partnership agreement. 94.99 GBP to draw up a will for a married or unmarried person.

Features: MyLawyer offers services for the visually impaired. Full refunds are provided to customers who are not happy with MyLawyer’s services.


UpCounsel is based in the United States. The company’s primary areas of legal focus include immigration law, business law, real estate law, and copyright law.

Its business model is slightly different than other online legal service companies. The company serves as a mediator between you and a variety of lawyers. You start by submitting a form that describes your legal needs, and UpCounsel connects you with a variety of attorneys willing to offer their services.

Prices: Because of UpCounsel’s business model, prices are not immediately available.

Features: Proposals are free to obtain. You get access to a number of different attorneys.


LawyersOnline is another UK company. It is based out of Wales and England.

Like UpCounsel, LawyersOnline is not a law firm, but the company has partnered with over 200 law firms to offer services.

Prices: Similar to UpCounsel, prices are not available until you speak with an individual lawyer.

Features: Questions asked within normal business hours receive responses within one hour.


LegalVision focuses primarily on business law for businesses of all sizes. The company is based in Australia and does offer some family law services.

Prices: $1500 for a shareholder’s agreement.

Features: Many top awards for customer service. LegalVision offers fixed fees and is a registered law firm.

Priori Legal

Priori Legal operates on a model similar to UpCounsel and LawyersOnline. Clients fill out a Request for Proposal form that elaborates on their needs, and then the company pulls a list of qualified legal representatives to help them.

Prices: Unavailable immediately because of the business model.

Features: 30-minute free consultation with lawyers qualified to help with your needs. Flat fee packages. Priori Legal handles billing and invoicing.


CubeLegal is not a law firm but provides services and forms in unregulated areas. Then, their partner law firms carry out the final phases of these legal processes. They are another UK-based company.

Prices: 65 GBP to set up a company.

Features: A private Client Area where CubeLegal communicates with you, sending documents you need and asking questions to tailor service better to you.


LawTrades is set up to help clients as well as lawyers. The company deals with all areas of the law except taw law and family law. It is a U.S.-based company, and like some of the others above, services are available on a request-only basis.

Prices: Unavailable immediately because of their business model.

Features: Flat fee services. A “Reviews” section to compare lawyers.


LawDepot is a truly international online legal service provider. The company serves clients in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

The company is primarily in the business of providing documents, publishing official documents and do-it-yourself templates.

Prices: Subscriptions for $24 per month or $59.88 per year.

Features: Seven-day free trial during which clients can print unlimited free documents.


LegalShield is a subscription-based service that offers ongoing legal advice. The company prides itself on sticking with clients and guiding them through various legal processes.

Prices: $24.95 per month for a legal plan membership. $9.95 per month for identity theft plans.

Features: Flat fee plans include unlimited consultations as well as calls, letter, and documents. Trial defense services available in higher level plans.


Nolo is an excellent resource for legal information. The company offers thousands of legal forms, directories of lawyers of various types, and books on various aspects of the law. These books guide clients through all sorts of legal processes.

Prices: $35.99 for the book on forming an LLC.

Features: Free information and customizable documents.

Set up your LLC Online with ease with NOLO. Check out the link below:

Form Your LLC With Nolo

Legal Services as Diverse as the Internet Itself

“Online legal services” is an umbrella term so broad that it would be meaningless without context. If you’re looking for the best online legal services, it helps to know what that means to you.

Do you want a directory of experienced lawyers you can talk to and consult with one-on-one? Do you need a library of forms for various legal functions? Or do you need a guide to walk you through the steps of forming a business?

The answers to these questions will result in very different companies at the top of your list. The Internet offers democracy and variety in the legal services available to you. Determining your priorities can help you take advantage of those things.

After reading this guide, you have a better idea of your options, and you know they aren’t limited to Rocket Lawyer and LegalZoom either. But keep in mind those big two power players are at the head of the class for a reason. They each have a lot to offer.

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