Best Practices To Drive More Traffic to Your Content

We can agree that your blogging strategy plays a big role in your inbound marketing. Digital marketing has become a must-have for brands looking to compete in the online marketplace of “Now”.

Creating advertiser content that resonates with your readers and brings the WOW factor is important to be effective.

Generating traffic is one of the most challenging things facing a new business in the online marketplace, yet the challenge need not be daunting.

It is an essential feat as everything starts with driving new visitors to your pages.

As a marketer, finding ways to attract likely subscribers can catapult your lead generation and sales conversions.

The good news is, there are simple tactics you can begin implementing now to drive more traffic to your advertiser content.

Here are some tips you may use to energize your advertiser content and produce better results from your strategy.

Your Headline Makes All The Difference

The title is the first thing potential customers or readers see and will determine whether or not they click on your post. It is therefore essential to create engaging headlines.

Spending the time to craft a compelling blog post title is just as important as the advertiser content itself.

A headline needs to cause engagement and curiosity.

People either click through to your content out of curiosity or because you promise to solve a problem for them and your headline needs to reflect that.

A study on the best techniques for titles shows that questions will garner more clicks than statements.

Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back is the old saying. It appears to work in titles of blogs and websites as well.

Consider a question mark in your next title for more interest.

Here are a few best practices to help improve your headlines:

  • Listicles (i.e., Top 10 Ways to Increase Traffic) and including stats in your title perform exceptionally well because readers have an idea of what they’re getting into
  • Include descriptive words to add color and zest to your post (i.e., energize, free, amazing, etc.)
  • Mention a benefit, so readers know what’s in it for them
  • Use a tool like CoSchedule Headline Analyzer to help you improve your headlines over time. This tool assists businesses in optimizing SEO for attracting traffic to their websites.

“Potential titles are broken down into four categories: Common, Uncommon, Emotional, and Power. Ratings are given to the title after being analyzed: For example, the above title for this blog rated a 64 which is an excellent rating.

Imagine this tool at your fingertips for everything entitled on your website or blog. Better yet, there is no charge for this service. Make use of this tool to reap its benefits.

Add Interactive Content

This simply means you need to get personal.

Interactive content pieces such as videos, surveys, quizzes, calculators, slide shows, and infographics are great additions to advertiser content.

Your advertiser content needs to be geared toward what your audience needs. They should think your ads and content are created just for them.

The huge benefits include keeping visitors on your pages longer, thus improving dwell-time and SEO, and improving the user experience.

You’ll also appeal to different learning styles, engaging more of your audience.

So, in addition to including images, go for an interactive piece that can further enhance your topic and gets readers more involved in your post.

Make sure you use a strong call-to-action in your advertiser content.

Your audience or potential customer needs a reason to sign up for your lead magnet, call, or connect with you. Creating high-quality advertiser content and showing how your business is unique will create a fear of missing out.

Make the Formatting Easy to Read

More people are accessing the internet from the smartphones than they do their laptops and computers.

In order to keep people reading your advertiser content, you must make it easy for them to read by using proper formatting.

Large, bulky paragraphs will get ignored and cause your viewer to exit. Instead, break up paragraphs and go for shorter ones instead.

Use formatting tools such as numbers, headlines, and bullet-points to make your post easy to scan.

Finally, aim to keep your sentences short and use transition words to help boost readability.

Create shareable Advertiser Content

Viral content is content that creates emotion in the reader. It could be humor, a strong opinion or just useful in a practical sense.

Content with a compelling story or testimony gives the potential customer a way to relate to your business ideas.

Stories create feelings and people always remember how you made them feel.

People love a heart-wrenching story, a humorous video or a life hack to save time in their day.

Just remember content is king, don’t slack on the quality just to create a shareable piece.

Syndicate Your Blog Posts

An easy way to get your content in front of a larger audience is by syndicating your blog posts on content sites.

Platforms like Medium, Business 2 Medium, and Outbrain are excellent for increasing exposure and website visitors. In fact, Medium receives 60 million unique visitors monthly!

Additionally, these sites have high-domain authority, helping to improve your own SE0 efforts.

Simply follow the instructions to becoming a contributor on these sites (Medium is the easiest since you don’t have to wait for approval) and post your content.

Change up the headline and be sure to include a link to the original post.

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Make Use of Social Media Platforms

There are many ways that a business can advertise their products and services, but one thing is constant: You’ll need to encourage your market to interact with you online.

In the old days, businesses thrived on doing good business, and that’s still important. However, in this digital age, businesses are expected to have abilities in social media.

Up to date active social media accounts and “free” value-added advertiser content across your marketing platforms are a must, and you’ll need to make sure that your advertising campaigns include references to your digital self.

Consistency in brand image and messaging is more important than ever as we contend with more mediums than ever before while advertising to our audience.

You must remain focused on delivering your messages in a clear and accessible way within all of our platforms.

Print and ebook authors, for example, are now expected to have built up a fan base through social media before ever bringing their book to publication.

The same is true of other businesses. Digital savvy is necessary. It may be called social media, but its now required for good business. To increase internet traffic, your efforts simply need to be consistent.

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Go All The Way Digital

Pay per click campaigns, search engine optimization, and social media marketing are all effective and affordable ways to get your brand out there, all enabling us to better monitor and evaluate our results across digital platforms.

It would be a mistake not to take advantage of the many budget-friendly digital marketing options that exist. Some of these ways include:

Google Image Search

One of the most underrated ways to bring traffic to your website, its possible for even small sites to pull hundreds of extra visitors a month through the smart use of image search optimization.

Having your site’s image listed along with the results on the first page of a web search, rather than just an image search, can be even better than having your headline on the first page since our brains process visual data much faster than textual data.

To give your image a likelier chance of being seen on the first page, there are some steps you should follow:

  • Search around on Google to see if your topic’s query has accompanying images on the first page. Not all search queries do. If your desired headline or keyword doesn’t have accompanying images, can you slightly alter your topic to fit a search query that does?
  • Upload your own image. Don’t hotlink it from an external source. Give your image a name that relates to your headline.
  • Make sure that your image’s alternate text is related to its title and your headline. If possible, place it above and below similar keywords in the main content. It might take some time to show up in the results, but if you follow these steps consistently with your content, you should have a few pictures that show up on the first page of a web search, rather than just in an image search.

Web Directories

Web directories might seem an outdated concept as 2020 approaches. They aren’t necessary, as they once were, to find things when Google and social media exist.

They’re unlikely to provide a great deal of external traffic by themselves.

They do, however, have two major benefits for the websites listed on them.

The first is the authoritative link that they provide. Google considers sites that have good, quality link sources to be more important, and consequently will rank them higher in search results.

Should these directories list your site, you’ll have decent external links to build its authority.

Additionally, there are many different web directories. Businesses that can find one in their space can benefit from a stream of targeted traffic which is looking for a specific product or service.

Businesses should also look for specialized web directories.

For example, a business specializing in smartphone accessories might want to search for ‘smartphone blog directory” and try to get its site listed on all relevant directories.

This has a far better chance of bringing in customers who are in a mood to buy than a simple Google search.

Make Live Videos on Online Platforms

Live videos are all the rave on social media.

In fact, according to Live-stream, the majority of Facebook users would prefer watching a live video versus reading a blog or social media post.

As a result, many brands are leveraging this tool to enrich follower relationships, increase awareness, and attract new website visitors.

There are several ideas to using live video to bolster your traffic generation.

One way is using video to promote your blog post. Highlight one or two benefits users will gain from reading it or simply sharing a key point that people can use right away.

Be sure to include the blog post link in the comments or your profile link (if going live on Instagram).

Sell the Benefit, not the Product

The whole point of your business is to solve a problem for your customer.

Instead of spending time creating advertiser content on the features of your product or service, you need to spend your energy talking about the benefits of what your product can do for them.

You are selling the end result, not the product.

You are On Your Way to Better Advertiser Content

Are you interested in getting more traffic to your advertiser content but aren’t sure what steps to take?

The success of your business depends on new visitors turning into customers.

It is not enough to simply write advertiser content. It must be engaging to keep your visitor wanting more.

Your audience actually wants to engage with your advertiser content. Give them a reason to stay on your pages by using this guide in your content creation.

Regardless of your advertiser content and marketing efforts, we are trending toward a world that forces us to engage in a diverse strategy which enables our customers to access our brands’ virtual images online.

Staying focused on simple, yet valuable, information, you must be ready to engage your audiences on all fronts.

You must be mobile-ready, customer focused, and evolving constantly within a diverse and fast-paced world.

With better advertiser content, you’ll experience better SE0 rankings and lead generation. Be sure to continue testing your efforts so you can discover what’s working and modify what isn’t.

Driving traffic to your website doesn’t have to be a challenge. Don’t give up on your website just yet, implementing these simple tips can skyrocket your traffic and lead to new customers and clients.

For more information, contact us and we’ll be glad to help.