Promotional Advertising Techniques That Actually Work

Promotional advertising is a piece of cake. Get your slice of the action now.

You want your brand to reach everyone it can about your great deals. It’s easier said than done.

You, too, can enjoy the benefits of promotional advertising. It can work wonders for your business in ways you never imagined.

The following promotional advertising techniques are bound to attract customers:

Market Your Content

Producing good content grows your online audience. That means you’re promoting your brand through your content.

Good content can take your brand far. Content marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less.

Starting a company blog is a good idea. Small businesses with blogs get around 126% more lead growth than small businesses that don’t have a blog.

You can make blog posts, videos, slideshows, infographics, tools, animations, podcasts, images, and more. Just make sure your content is appealing.

Focus on quality over quantity. Your goal should be for the audience to be engaged and still have plenty of content to choose from. Businesses that publish 16 or more blog posts each month get nearly 3.5 times more traffic than businesses publishing zero to four articles a month.

Make sure your content is SEO-friendly. You can find out your SEO ranking in an instant. Your content, keywords, page speed, and more factor into your SEO ranking.

Make sure your content is accompanied by compelling images. Content with images gets shared 94% more on social media than content without images. This brings me to my next point:

Social Media For Promotional Advertising

Social media is an effective way of promoting your brand while engaging (potential) customers directly. By engaging your customers on social media, you’re further extending your brand’s presence into their lives.

Your brand should be accessible on every social media platform. That includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Youtube.

Making a good impression on social media is important. Around 71% of consumers who have a good social media experience with a brand are likely to recommend that brand to others.

Be sure to be vigilant in searching for discussions about your brand and products. Nearly 96% of the people having discussions about brands and their products online do not follow those brands’ profiles. In other words, not everyone is going to tag you in a discussion they’re having about your brand.

Be sure to include visuals and good images in your social media posts. Visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media than posts without visual content.

You could collaborate on social media. You can offer a special code on your social media account that gives customers a discount. That way, you know the customer had to visit your social media page to get the discount.

Public Relations

You can use public relations tactics for promotional advertising. The general goal of public relations is to gain visibility for your brand beyond paid advertisements.

Through public relations, you reach out to customers through media messages. Writing press releases is a valuable part of public relations. This is when you write about your company’s major changes, product launches, and other news for media outlets.

Be sure to pick news outlets that will give you the most coverage. You want to be sure that people are reading about what’s going on with your company.

You could learn how to do PR writing yourself or hire a professional. Hiring a professional to do your PR makes your brand look more professional. Plus, it lessens the chance of you making a rookie mistake and blowing it.

Again: Make sure your PR material is social media-friendly. Around 76% of journalists admit to feeling pressure to think about their story’s potential for sharing on social media platforms. The people you hire for public relations should be thinking about how many people your PR material will engage on social media.

You want your PR material to have your logo in it as much as possible. That’s not the only thing you’ll be putting your logo on:

Promotional Gifts

Your promotional advertising should be far-reaching. Advertising your brand on pencils, shirts, coffee cups, stickers, and other custom swag is a good idea.

It’s even better if you can give them out for free. Customers will remember your brand as the one that gave them a freebie with your logo on it. It also makes a positive impression on your customers and sends the message that your brand truly cares about them.

Giving out novelties increases brand visibility. Whenever someone wears or uses your novelty, they will remember your brand.

Promotional gifts are a form of promotional advertising because they involve getting your company’s name and logo out there.

Promotional gifts are a great way to attract new customers. If someone else uses the item, they see your logo and learn about your brand. The more people use your promotional items, the more advertising you get.

Promotional gifts impact your sales. Around 85% of people do business with a brand after receiving promotional items from the business.

Nearly 53% of people say they use a promotional product once a week. That’s more promotional advertising for you. Bags are the most popular promotional gift, but you can give your customers anything with your brand’s logo on it.

You can get discounts for getting your swag made in bulk. You can even design water bottles, sweatshirts, plushies, and more.

You want to be sure to give out these promotional gifts whenever you can. That includes at company events. This brings me to my next point:

Special Events

Throwing special events is a promotional advertising strategy that can work wonders. It’s a way of winning over customers by giving them a fun experience.

Throwing special events can attract customers like a magnet. These events can include opens house, granting a special award, announcing a major program or service/campaign, and more.

Throwing events that customers can attend will make your brand more accessible to customers. It provides an opportunity to engage with your customers in person.

Customer appreciation events are a great way to build a relationship with your customers. At these events, you can do give away promotional gifts and samples to connect with your customers.

At a customer appreciation event, nobody should have to buy anything. You can serve free refreshments like hot dogs, soda, or pizza and give out door prizes. This makes everyone feel like they got something in return for showing up.

Your event should be thoughtful and possibly have a theme. You want your brand to seem personal and friendly, not detached or stuck up. Events are a great way to make your brand seem more personable.

At these events, make sure your brand logo is highly visible at all times. You want people to draw a clear association between the fun party that’s going on and your brand. Anything you give out should have your company’s logo on it, but any freebies are recommended.

Events are a great way to draw attention to your company’s campaigns and contests. Speaking of contests:


Contests are a great fun of promotional advertising. Contests directly engage your customers by giving them a chance to win something.

The idea behind contests is to promote your brand. The purpose isn’t to make a hard sell. Contests allow your logo and brand name to be visible in the public eye.

Your prize can be anything. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a physical object. Just make sure your prize is something that your target demographic will love.

You might want to give prizes to the first, second, and third place winners. This allows more customers to be reached by your company and makes them feel special. The more customer outreach, the better!

Gift cards and vouchers are incredibly popular. They are a very good choice for giveaways. This brings me to my next point:

Product Giveaways

Product giveaways are a form of promotional advertising. It involves giving a customer a free product in order to increase brand visibility and engagement.

Product giveaways give people a chance to sample your product before committing to it. That way, you’re also known as a brand that is generous with its customers.

Sometimes, this is done by giving away products to one or more people. The more products you can give out, the better. This increases the reach of your brand and gives more people a chance to use your product.

Another form of product giveaway is holding in-store promotions and giving out free samples. This gives people a chance to try your product and see why it’s better than others.

Make sure you’re giving away something of value to your customers. You want the giveaway to be something they can actually use and remember your brand by. Go above and beyond with your giveaways.

Speaking of customers remembering your brand, the following solution will help:

Point-of-Sale and End-Cap Marketing

Where you position your products can have an effect on how many people buy them.

The end-cap, located at the end of grocery store aisles, features products that stores want to sell quickly. These products are conveniently placed so it is easily accessible to the customer.

Point-of-sale is an efficient way of promoting products a store really wants to sell. In this strategy, the items are placed near the checkout line. This increases the number of customers who will impulse-buy your product.

Positioning your product in these ways brings more attention to your product and brand. After all, your product will be the first thing customers see when checking out or walking past aisles.

Ask stores to place your products in these promotional advertising positions if they can. You’ll probably see an increase in sales.

However, there’s more to promotional advertising than product positioning. Your company’s image matters, which is why the following helps:

Charity and Causes

Aligning your brand with a charity or cause can be one of the most effective promotional advertising tactics you ever do for your company. Taking up charities or causes makes your brand look more friendly, caring, and consumer-friendly.

You don’t need to be a big corporation to have money to donate to charities. Even small businesses can find the money to donate each year to organizations and charities.

Connecting your company with a charity or cause gives customers the sense they are part of something larger. It makes them feel as though they’re helping the world just by using your product.

Connecting your company with charity increases your popularity with millennials. Around 70% of millennials say they’ll spend more on brands that support important causes.

Donations also put your company “out there” and increase brand visibility, especially at sponsored events. They also make a positive impression on your customers.

Donations are good for the community and boosting your reputation in the community. Plus, many donations are tax deductible. This allows you to donate money and still get money in return.

Make sure your cause or charity of choice aligns with your brand’s image and interests. You want your contribution to the charity to make a reflection on your business’s character.

Customer Referral Incentive Programs

A customer referral incentive program encourages current customers to recommend new customers to your business. This is a promotional advertising strategy that uses your current consumer base as a sales force.

The purpose of these incentive programs is to motivate your current customers to recommend new customers to your business. That way, there’s something in it for them when they bring you new customers.

The customer referral incentive program is a pretty simple operation. The new customer will give you the information of the customer that referred them, then that current customer gets some kind of reward.

You can have a rewards point system in which the customer builds up reward points. Free products, discounts, and cash rewards are common incentives to use. You can also personalize the prize by giving the customer a choice of what they want.

The trick behind this promotional advertising technique is to motivate your customers to spread the word about your business. Don’t be skimpy with rewards – make sure your customers get something of quality in return for keeping your brand in mind.

Your Brand is Counting On You

These promotional advertising techniques are sure to drive customers your way. Promotional advertising has a lot of benefits, including increased sales.

Your brand is better off by using these strategies and more.

Contact an expert to learn more about promotional advertising. You won’t regret it.